VGB - GameBoy (GBC) Emulator Customer Reviews:


Lots of options, but essentially impossible to get lag free audio.

I really would appreciate full-speed audio.

OK so vgba is gone and I paid for it. And now ur telling me it was banned and a new one is out but I have to pay for that one too? wtf?


All good.


What happened to my VGBA I paid for it no longer exists ?


Works well

Loads all games I throw at it. Love the option to make screen look worn as on used orig gameboy.

Works great


It's pretty great and has many features like bgb does. It can't emulate some audio such as Pikachu's Yellow cry. I'd also like a way to open two ROMs at once in order to trade between them, in Pokèmon. Also, my emulators magically disappeared and I can't use this anymore.

Great emulator but sound is way off(some what fixed)

The emulator works well but the sound on the gbc or GB gamed is not good its seems high pitched this issue is on a galaxy s4 try testing with one of those (note the developer has made an effort to fix this issue and has done a great job the sound is much better) but not perfect, NOW THE SOUND IS NEARLY PERFECT GREAT JOB 5 stars

Thank you

Thanks guys. I just needed to switch it to the gameboy classic. I love the app.

Loving it so far.

I tried almost every emulator out there and this one is giving me the best experience so far. However, some games are downloaded with the box art and I can't disable them. I'd like to have that option unless it's already there and I can't find it.

Best ever

Best gameboy ever

False advertising

This said link cable as a feature, but that is not the case. It does not connect nor recognize another device. I would much appreciate a refund, i bought for the link cable and it is not there. As far as "emulating the link cable" i have used other apps that have done the same thing (for gba) and the drivers are "in" and it allows me to connect to other phones, word it how you want this app was a huge let down, pay 5 bucks for this or get GBC AD for free, which is way better, kinda a no brainer

Overall good.

I am pretty satisfied with the overall performance. I think there are a couple of kinks thoughs as far as link play for example with Pokémon trades etc.

Update (poke crystal)

The recent update made the cheatopedia stop working. Everytime I tick a cheat then as soon as I press enable cheat it force closes plz fix soon

Keeps getting better!!!

This is the GBC emulator to get. Constant updates and high device compatibility. 5 stars!!!

Where do I get games

Coolrom won't let me get pokemon anymore where can I get the games

Love the emulator!

Perfect way to play the older gameboy games without the search for the actual gameboy and the cartridges. Thank you!


Hay I bought GBA like 3years ago and then stopped playing because school but now its asking for me to pay again wtf bro. Its cool I understand

Terrible app rom crashes every 2 minutes

Tried to play pokemon gold rom but it keeps crashing and I get a black screen not worth buying untill it is fixed

This app has come a long way

When I first payed for this app I thought I was getting ripped off due to minor bugs and I wrote a bad review before, the developers quickly apologized and said they had updated, I am very pleased with this app now and if it was a mod on the nexus forums I would endorse it


I have decided to modify my original review, as it is long overdue. This emulator works great. It works great and the link emulation is a value feature. The developers have done a great job with this one. :-)

What happened

Why did you take your vgba off here that's my favorite emulator I was just about to play a Zelda game that's the only emu I like to use for GBA


This is my second garage research app, and I love it!

Updated Review

Rated a month or so back 4/5 stars regarding the left and right shoulder buttons which couldnt be removed. The creator heard and now it is a perfect app for Gameboy. There is no other. Get vgba as well you will not regret your purchase. Keep up the good work.

Best GBC Emulator PERIOD!

This is the best gbc emulator I've tried. Definitely worth the download. Keep it up dev! Awesome job!

Audio is pretty bad, emulates well though

I updated both, and my VGBA is still skipping sound- I tested it as soon as I saw your response to my rating on the VGBA (thank you for that response and this one , btw.) My VGB 's pitch seems too high on one of the "instruments", for lack of a better term. One of the sounds in the theme music for the first town in Pokémon Crystal is noticeably higher pitched, and the same thing in the opening of Pokémon Blue and then some of the earliest that. Maybe it's my phone? I'm using the HTC One M8.

It's great.

I have one suggestion that would make this and vgba the best emulators. Please add the function to add cover art to the game selection screen. That would be amazing.

How do I get Pokemon blue or red on here plz

Love the emulators, hate the fast fwd buttons.

I extremely enjoy the emulators you put out. My only issue is I can not toggle off the fast forward buttons as I don't use them and they tend to get in the way. Is there, by chance, anyway to disable the fast forward buttons I have over looked?

I need help

I purchased the app, I have a Gameboy color, I have games. How on earth do I get the games for my Gameboy downloaded into my tablet? I've tried googling and web searching, but apparently I'm too stupid to figure it out. So currently I paid for a useless app and there is no way to contact a customer support to help me figure out how to get my games onto my tablet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love it

Love it


Awesome app that plays everygame ive tried flawlessly. My only complaint is that there isnt a bigger scaled video option. I either have to use the streched which is ugly and blurry or use the scaled which takes up about 1/4 of my Note 3s screen. Would be nice if I would run the scaled but a bigger version to use more of my screen.

Great! But,

Everything works perfect, no complaints, how do u fix the sound on Pokemon Yellow? In the intro, pikachu is distorted and pikachu has distorted audio in the game as well

Key mapping issues

Great, but when i plug in a usb gamepad and attempt to customize key mappings VGB stops.

Best GB emulator I have used

The performance is great; doesn't lag out while playing games. And it is actively being maintained with fixes and features being released every so often.

Works flawless. 10/10 would recommend


It glitch once on me but it's a good app

Great Emulators

I feel like the price is a little high but I can't argue with how well this and the other emulators work. Playing gameboy games on my phone is too awesome.

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